Since 2008  


Christmas Concert at Carmel Hills Care Center (December 2012)

Earth Day Benefit Concert at Hidden Valley Music Seminar (May 2012)

Hacienda Carmel Benefit Concert (April 2012)

Monterey High School Benefit Concert (December 2011)

Pacific Grove Middle School Benefit Concert (March 2010)

King City Public School Benefit Concert (July 2010)




Letter of Appreciation

Thank you very much for your generous donation to the King City Music Program. It is so generous of you and your friends to devote your time, energy, and talent to raise money for our music program. I saw the highlights of the concert on your web site. Please pass on my appreciation to other members of the club. I am particularly impressed by all of the work you have done to set up your organization. Keep up the wonderful work you are doing, both on bahalf of the schools and the seniors.


Steve Ettinger, King City Public Schools