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"Life without music is unthinkable. Music without life is academic. That is why my contact with music is a total embrace." This is quoted from an exceptional musician and extremely renowned conductor, Leonard Bernstein. Without music, life would be so empty. Music can also play a vital roll in the growth of children. There have been countless experiments and research done to prove the correlation between academic achievement and musical experience.

Children receive their first taste for music from their school’s music programs, where they are given free lessons and instruments to borrow. However, ever since the financial crisis of the recent years, more and more public schools have been cutting programs to keep within their budget. Unfortunately, many of these cuts have been music programs. The reduction and even elimination of music programs mean that less children will be given the opportunity to play an instrument or be a part of a choir. Without this opportunity many children will grow up never learning to play an instrument until they are much older, when it is the most difficult time to start learning a musical instrument.

Another area of our community where there is a lack of music is at nursing homes and convalescent hospitals. Here, elderly patients lead fairly uneventful lives, and they are simply thrilled to have musicians play beautiful music for them. Although the main purpose of Music Counts is to raise awareness and funds to help music programs at local public schools, an ancillary purpose is to perform for these elderly people. Not only will we make their day, we will also be earning money for Music Counts. Music Counts will continue to work to serve its goals and missions.

- Johnny Lim (Co-Founder & President)